Get Involved

参与活动是实现和提高学生教育目标的重要一步. At Penn State Lehigh Valley, 我们的目标是促进人际交往和领导能力的发展,为您的校园和职业成功. 

Student Clubs & Organizations

以下是校园俱乐部和组织的列表. 我们鼓励你多学习,多参与! 

  • Adult Learner’s Club - Provides an interactive setting for adult learners to meet peers and mentors at Penn State Lehigh Valley. Members participate in a wide range of campus community programs and events throughout the academic year. 主题包括教育、金融或职业中国博彩平台.
  • Arts and Arts Administration Club - Provides a forum for students that are interested in exploring arts-related opportunities both on and off campus.
  • Blue and White Society (BWS) - Provides opportunities for Penn Staters to support the Penn State Alumni Association’s mission; to support past, current, and future students and alumni of the University; Supports campus communities with Penn State pride and leadership; Enhances the student experience by building relationships and connections with alumni; and instills the concept that student involvement with the University can be and should be a lifelong commitment.
  • Black Student Union (BSU) - This club was started to create a safe space for black students to meet and speak to people with similar experiences. 俱乐部成员也帮助校园教育和意识.
  • Business Society - Serves as a conduit through which members can access relevant business resources by networking with prominent community entrepreneurs. 协会努力提升学生的个人职业形象.
  • Campus Activities Board (CAB) - Enhances the Penn State Lehigh Valley student experience through planning and promoting a wide range of on-campus programs. The board is responsive to student interest with a primary goal of creating a dynamic and fun campus social environment.
  • Campus Christian Fellowship (CCF) - 团契的工作是学习、分享和反映他们的基督教信仰. Members meet for weekly bible study and collaborate with other clubs for educational and awareness programs and community service.
  • Car Club - 给那些表达对汽车的热爱的人一个与其他学生联系和交流的途径. 他们每年都会举办车展,并参加当地的活动.
  • Communication Society - 授权会员培养更有意义和有效的沟通技巧, practices, and beliefs. Members collaborate to develop ethical communication practices; nurture applied learning skills; encourage diversity; provide service to our campus, university, the communication field and the public; and foster intellectual and professional growth in human communication, culture, and media.
  • Community Heroes - Serves and gives back to the surrounding Lehigh Valley community through a variety of service projects while building relationships and connections.
  • Cricket Club - 通过体育精神团结不同背景和文化的人, leadership, discipline, and hard work by playing cricket. 俱乐部为其成员创造了学习的机会, practice, 和他们的同龄人一起玩世界上第二受欢迎的运动.
  • Esports Club - 允许对电子游戏有共同兴趣的成员加入. 俱乐部希望通过各种活动与同学们分享这种兴趣, gatherings, and competitions on and off campus.
  • Global Student Organization (GSO) - GSO’s mission is to bring together students of all backgrounds to promote diversity and personal development; to spread awareness of cultural differences in both our campus and the university, 一起学习成为世界公民意味着什么. 世界公民重视国际联系和文化差异. Students of all backgrounds and ages are encouraged to join the club to share their thoughts and experiences and become a global citizen.
  • 卫生和人类服务协会(HHSS) - Helps students gain an understanding and appreciation for the various health care fields through volunteering services, educational trips, and guest speakers.
  • Health Policy and Administration (HPA) - Society strives to influence the Penn State Lehigh Valley student body through health focused research; doing volunteer work and hosting informational events.
  • Heritage - 鼓励西班牙裔和拉丁裔背景的学生联合起来支持和庆祝. Holds meetings to discuss relevant issues and identifies ways to educate the campus community on Hispanic and Latino cultures while promoting inclusion
  • Honors Society - 丰富了校园内外的大学生活. Connects academic minded students with one another as well as providing members with an opportunity to achieve academic success, travel opportunity, 领导经验和公民参与.
  • Lambda Pi Eta - Lambda Pi Eta is one of the 400 chapters around the country that honors scholastic achievement in the communication discipline and encourages networking and community relations among members.Lion Ambassadors (LA) -  Strives to share positive Penn State experiences and promote the campus to prospective students, parents, alumni, and other campus visitors. 他们在录取过程中起着至关重要的作用. Their main goal is to exhibit Penn State Pride and make people as excited about the University as we are. 除了在校园里和招生部门一起工作, they also organize several social events and fundraisers throughout the year to enhance student experience on campus.
  • Muslim Student Association (MSA) - The group was formed to create an open environment where students can come together and reflect upon their religious and personal views. 计划开展的项目旨在加强校园内的公开对话,包括不同信仰之间的交流.
  • Pride Group - 学生们每两周会面一次,讨论各种对LGBTQA+社区成员重要的话题. 会员协助校园意识和宣传项目.
  • Psychology Club - Inspires and encourages to build a greater understanding of the field of psychology and its relevance in all aspects of life. 俱乐部为学生们提供了相互联系的机会, the university, 并在较大的社区通过各种社会活动, professional development events, and community service.
  • Rehabilitation and Human Services Club - The purpose of the RHS Club is to provide education and awareness in the Rehabilitation and Health sciences. The club promotes the involvement of PSULV students in learning about and helping communities and individuals in need.
  • RISE - 团结和授权会员和学生起来反对性暴力, abuse, trafficking, and exploitation in our community, through awareness prevention, action and aftercare. 该俱乐部在校园定期举办教育和意识项目,包括穿她的鞋走一英里.
  • Student Government Association (SGA) - Represents the student body. The organization is open to all Penn State Lehigh Valley and also includes  elected representatives  of both first-year students and upperclassmen. SGA专注于学生服务和活动领域, academic affairs, 和物理设施,因为它们关系到学生生活的改善. 年度活动包括与校长的公开论坛, SGA Ball in November, Major in a Minute, CCSG weekends at University Park, Six Flags end of year trip and more!
  • Ski & Snowboard Club - 围绕着对户外冬季活动的热情,包括滑雪, snowboarding, and snow tubing. 俱乐部成员可以定期去当地的滑雪胜地,并在休息时旅行.
  • STEM Club - 将所有对科学领域有共同兴趣的学生聚集在一起, technology, engineering, and math, also known as STEM. 俱乐部为学生们提供了与志趣相投的人交往的机会, 并参与刺激和知识性的STEM活动.
  • THON - 为抗击儿童癌症筹集资金,并支持那些与癌症作斗争的家庭. THON is the largest student run philanthropy in the world and all fundraising efforts benefit the Four Diamonds Fund at the Hershey Medical Center, 资助四个钻石家族,资助攻克儿童癌症的研究. 俱乐部全年举办几项活动,包括躲避球锦标赛, Children’s Book Drive, 100 Days til THON event, and Silent Auction.
  • Veteran Student Organization - Provides mutual aid, 社交和智力成长的机会, 并在中国博彩平台为退伍军人和军人建立友谊. 这个组织对所有中国博彩平台的老学生开放.

Club and Intramural Sports

中国博彩平台为学生提供了许多校内运动和俱乐部运动. Learn more about athletic clubs >>

Lion Ambassadors

Lion Ambassadors are a group of student volunteers who serve as an extension of the Admissions office at Penn State Lehigh Valley. 我们是学业成绩优异的学生, school spirit, leadership, and citizenship.

Leadership Development

There are many opportunities for student leaders at Penn State Lehigh Valley to develop their leadership skills. 此外,我还参加了许多学生经营的俱乐部和组织, lectures, workshops, 整个学年也为学生提供志愿者机会. 学生领袖也有机会参加年度领导会议.

Community Service and Volunteerism

At Penn State Lehigh Valley students have the opportunity to volunteer for a variety of agencies and projects through academic classes, campus initiatives, and the Community Heroes Club.

Some examples of community service include the Women’s 5K Classic Walk/Run (a fundraiser to promote breast cancer awareness), America Reads, Martin Luther King Day of Service, KidsFest, blood drives, Habitat for Humanity, tutoring programs at local schools, and much more.

Cultural Programming and Diversity

整个学年的课程, a variety of artists, writers, scholars, 讲师定期访问校园,为学生提供不同的文化视角.
Learn more about these opportunities through Office of Global Education and Inclusive Excellence >>